Well, I guess I’ll prologue with Ely having just gotten rained on, so I didn’t catch it.

Utah. Utah… is shit. Well, at first I thought it was kinda neat. Passed a couple on a Harley. Discovered Utah has no helmet law. I kept mine on, but I bet they were stoked. Then I saw this bitchin’ mountain here


Then I ran into the chip sealed roads. I hate that shit. Lots of it too.

At the 50 junction with I-70 I stopped for gas and my ATM card was declined. Using one of those in multiple states gives them the idea that it’s been stolen. Convenient when that’s the case, not so otherwise.

Then dusk. I know I must have missed lots of cool shit, but I kinda got shit to do. The mountains in the middle of the state were pretty hairy, I was so paranoid of deer.

Anyway, I’m in this extremely loud (and not in the way I like) bar in downtown grand junction Colorado. Not sure where I’m gonna take the rolling recliner, but they’re letting me charge my phone.

Oh, the ride. The mountains were chilly. Otherwise not much different. After nearly twice the mileage as the other day, I feel pretty great. The last hundred miles weren’t excruciating like on the way to reno.

On to Denver tomorrow.