Yeah. Virginia sucks. An entire state of jammed traffic. Seriously, is deliberately trying to cause a collision more important/less illegal than me squeeking between stagnant traffic? How about you shelve your butthurt, virginia, until you can figure out the proper way to utilize a fucking passing lane? How about that? We’ll agree to disagree until you give up the vigilante justice and learn courtesy. You’re not the goddamned batman. It took me two and a half hours to get through the clusterfuck you call roads, and that was me cheating, the way you seem to feel. Piss off Virginia. For lovers my ass. Virginia is for jilted drivers.

In ft. Bragg with, surprise surprise, old highschool buddies. A few beers (read: a dozen) and some hilarious conversation has been loads of fun. Gonna about face and head home in the am. Potatoes.