Left ft Bragg feeling pretty good. That lasted until the Appalachian mountains. It dumped so hard. I honestly think I should be dead. There were times where my heels on the pegs were immersed. Sorry, redditors, but I know god saw me through that.

So here I am, in the nastiest motel I’ve ever seen in Knoxville Tennessee. After I receive and eat my pizza, I’m getting wasted. I fucking need it. I’d planned on just buying a bottle and getting into my feelings in my room, but I think I’ll find a bar instead. The old guy in the adjoining room sounds like he has tuberculosis. And not in a cool way like doc holiday. Remember when val kilmer was cool?

Edit:what in the actual fuck, Tennessee? No liquor on Sunday? This is fucking outrageous bullshit.

Edit numero dos: took a cab to get a twelve. Mother fucker FELL ASLEEP at a stop sign. I hope its dry tomorrow, I want the fuck out of here.