I’ll post tonight (day 16), I just didn’t want to forget the mileage.

Okay. So I awoke in Knoxville to my clothes still pretty much soaked. Since there would be about 45 miles of more storm, I just put them back on. Rode through Tennessee, which really is some beautiful country side. In Nashville I got lost downtown for a bit and then went and saw the grand old opry. Just rode by, I wasn’t about to take a tour. In Memphis I got off and saw Graceland, again no tour. Who has time for that shit? At a gas station I met a dude on a hayabusa who had just gotten back from Texas. He gave me a heads up on some construction in my future.

Nashville has a cool skyline and horrible to navigate downtown mostly due to construction:

Oh, the coils. Three or four times the engine misfired and operated only on one cylinder. Twice it actually died. I knew it was getting air and fuel, so clearly the spark was the issue. The coils on these bikes are a known issue when they get wet. Luckily, it stopped happening and hasn’t done it since.

Did I tell you that everyone in the east rides busas? I saw a whole flock of them at the autozone where I adjusted my chain. I think that was north Carolina. Seriously, I saw maybe half as many hayabusas as I did Harleys. So it was a whole fuck lot of them.

I also forgot to tell you about the beemer. About 15 miles east of Knoxville, soaked to the bone, I got passed by a dude and his girl on that super awesome fast as fuck BMW. Something something numbers RR. As they went by, I did the “we’re probably of diminished mental faculty” gesture – circling the ear with an extended index finger. He just threw his fist in the air and punched at the sky a few times. I very much enjoyed that.

Okay, back to day whatever this is. I crossed the Mississippi into Arkansas and had a destination. After a brief unintended detour in little rock, which seemed like a decent place from the interstate despite hearing otherwise, I met up with KoffinKase from /r/crippling alcoholism and his buddy Nathan. We met at a cheap hotel bar. The place was actually nicer than most bars I frequent, but had cheaper beer. Conundrum indeed. I had three and the boys had much much more. Here’s us:

Nathan on the left and levon on the right. They’d been there for a couple hours, and cheap beer goes down especially easy, so this happened while waiting for the designated driver:

Followed by us (well, levon) getting kicked out for this:


Once we were stationary, I broke out the pint of Jameson I’d picked up somewhere in Tennessee, and we drank and bullshitted mostly about music until 3 or so. We had a good time despite being in Arkansas (Nathan seriously seems to have an aversion to small town life. And, understandably, the epochal idiocy of dry counties), and as always I am very appreciative of the roof. In fact the whole house was roof. It was an A-frame, which I now understand stands for anarchy.

Oh, I can’t leave this out: levon was apparently named after levon helm of the band. The band The Band. Which is pretty bitchin’